Due Monday, February 15 by 10 pm CST. For those of you who are not in Central Time Zone, make sure you accurately know the time difference!

Discussion Question and Guidlines

There are three parts (A-C) to this discussion question. You may want to write roughly half a page (single-spaced) for each part.

Before responding, please complete all the assigned readings, lectures, podcasts and viewing (l’Auberge Espagnole) for the first three sections of the course (US/Canada, Europe, and Australia/NZ/South Pacific).

PART A: Identity (the ways you perceive yourself and how others perceive you) is complex, and can change both in concert and in contrast with your surroundings. Consider the many different components of your identity. What are 2-3 of these important elements (consider, for example, nationality, allegiances, political inclinations, belief systems, etc.)? Outline the ways, if any, these aspects of your identity or the way you think about them might change (or perhaps not?) if you lived in l’Auberge Espagnole (the Spanish apartment) for 6-12 months during an intense study abroad session in Spain/Europe. It is only a temporary stay, of course, but it is more than a weekend. Would your identity change more in concert or in contrast with what is around you? Don’t be shy about speculating, but also BE SPECIFIC and justify your answer based on the course materials. Be sure to tell us both HOW these parts of your identity would change and WHY you are making such a prediction (using course materials!).

Here are a few relevant links that provide some background information on the European Higher Education Area, and the EU’s Erasmus Program that helped fund the study-abroad students in the movie:

I should also note that l’Auberge Espagnole is “Rated R for language and sexual content.” according to IMDB.

Part B: Now, outline the ways, if any, these 2-3 facets of your personal identity might change if you lived in a hypothetical l’Auberge Canadian (the Canadian apartment) for 6-12 months. This is the same as Part A, but for Canada. Be sure to talk about both HOW and WHY, and use course materials to support your predictions.

Part C: Now think about the course materials assigned for Week 3, including the lecture and podcast. Consider how your personal identity might change if you lived in a hypothetical l’Auberge “Kiwi” (the New Zealand apartment)…maybe in Dunedin (while studying at the University of Otago) or Auckland (while at the University of Auckland). This is the same as Parts A and B, but for New Zealand.


Please clearly label your answers to Parts A, B, and C. Use 12-point font, and please single-space your document to make it easier for us to read online. Your final assignment should be 750-1000 words. Write succinctly, and make sure you are sticking to the specific questions!

Make sure to proofread: spelling, grammar, punctuation, and good writing DO count.
Please save the file using your last name and then Disc1. For example:

  • BOOTHBY_Disc1.docx

and then upload it to the dropbox.

As noted in ‘How to Write a Good Synthesis Assignment,‘ you will be graded primarily on how carefully and critically you considered course material in constructing your response. This said, we want to know your personal views, too. Think about these issues seriously, knowing that first-hand experiences in the world’s regions are exciting, scary, challenging, and rewarding. So be opinionated, express your views, insert your personality, and engage…just don’t only speak from the heart; also speak on the basis of the content you’ve been engaging with in this course.

Kris Olds & Rachel Boothby