This weblog is designed to support students taking GEOG 340 (World Regions in Global Context).

The course is 100% online, and the course site that contains lectures, discussion fora, exams, etc., can be accessed by registered students via Learn@UW.

Here is the My Course Guide summary:

Geography 340 (World Regions in Global Context), 3 cr

Course Description: Survey of development and change within each of the world’s regions (e.g., Africa, Southeast Asia). Attention devoted to environment and society; history, economy, and demographic change; culture and politics; future challenges; key actors. Online course.

Pre-Reqs: Sophomore standing; Open to freshmen with consent of instructor

Level: Intermediate
Social Science
L&S Credit Type: 
Open to 1st Year

Please click here to download the syllabus for the Spring 2016 term

The instructor is Kris Olds. Kris’ office is in Room 346 Science Hall. The TA is Rachel Boothby. Her office is in Room 418 Science Hall, but she holds her office hours at Aldo’s Cafe.

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