If you enrolled in the course after the semester had started, you likely missed some important e-mails that we sent out to the class list. Here I will copy the important sections of those e-mails in digest form, starting with the earliest.

8/24/2015 – Welcome to GEOG 340!
Hi Geography 340,

Welcome to the course! I thought I’d get in touch with all of you before the semester starts and tell you a little bit about this course since online classes can be sort of mysterious. Some of this information will be repeated once the class officially begins.

I’m Kramer, and I’ll be your ‘lecturer’ for the semester. Since there are no in-person lectures, this actually just means that I am the lead instructor of the course. As you should hopefully be well-aware, our course this semester is entirely online. The course is administered through a website hosted on Learn@UW, and our site should be activated the morning of September 2nd, the first day of the semester.

Because our class will never meet face-to-face it is IMPERATIVE that you all keep on top of all correspondence and informational documents that are sent out by me or Rachel Boothby, your TA. The first of these are the course syllabus and course schedule PDFs, which I have attached to this e-mail. Later on, you can also find them on the Learn@UW site and blog for constant access. The syllabus is long, but it contains very important information, and you should review it thoroughly and keep it handy to refer back to. I strongly encourage you to record all writing assignment deadlines from the course schedule (listed in the far right column) in your calendars/planners right now. Because this online class format offers you considerable flexibility when you complete assignments, it requires a lot of individual responsibility for time management.

The reading/viewing/listening assignments start our very first week, and you have a VERY short writing assignment—as in 5-10 minutes of work—due by 10pm Central Time on that first Friday, Sept 4th. (All assignments for the course will be due at 10pm Madison time. If you are not in Madison this semester, you should figure out the time difference now to make sure that you do not incur late penalties!)

There is a required course text, and you can find information about acquiring it via this page on our course blog: https://worldregions.wordpress.com/2015/08/21/welcome-to-the-course/

As an act of immeasurable kindness to those of you still working to acquire the text, we will post the required chapters for the first two weeks on the Learn@UW site. For copyright reasons we cannot post additional chapters, but the textbook is on reserve at both College Library and the Geography Library (2nd Floor, Science Hall).

You will learn more about me and Rachel in our intro videos on the Week 1 page of the course website. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, and do not hesitate come see us during office hours (we can arrange Skype meetings if you’re out of town!). Office hours are listed in the syllabus and on the course website. Very importantly: Make sure you send ALL course-related e-mails to both me and Rachel (boothby@wisc.edu).

We look forward to working with you this semester!



9/1/2015 – Class starts TOMORROW!

Hi GEOG 340,

Starting tomorrow morning, you will have access to our course website at Learn@UW. When you get to the welcome page on that website you will see links to the left in the green column. Feel free to explore, but for now the most important ones are “Syllabus” and “Course Materials by Region.”

The syllabus was sent out via e-mail recently, but if you registered recently or misplaced that copy, you can always find it there.

Course Materials by Region takes you to everything you need to watch, listen to, and read (besides the textbook). You’ll see that for Week 1 we have BOTH a short introduction unit and the US/Canada region. If you don’t finish the US/Canada materials in this short week, that’s fine, but you will be responsible for that information for the written assignment due in Week 4.

This first week there are no course material-related assignments, but you do have to write a “discussion post” introducing yourself to the 15-20 people in your “group.” The course itself has about 170 students, but you will just be interacting online with a small subset of them. Directions for making a discussion post can be found at at the bottom of the Introduction to the Course page (Course Materials by Region > Introduction to the Course). This is due by Friday night (Sept 4th), but you can do it as soon as you want.



Hello everyone!

This is the support blog for Geography 340 (World Regions in Global Context), a 100% online course being offered in the Fall 2015 term. We will use this blog to update you off and on, but most of the substantive course content is accessed via Learn@UW.

My name is Kramer Gillin, and I’ll be your instructor for the course. You can just call me Kramer. Your TA is Rachel Boothby. Once the semester starts and you gain access to the course website, you’ll get to know us a bit better from our video introductions. In the meantime, you can read our short bios in the course syllabus (see link below).

Here are several updates to get some things moving before term officially starts on Wednesday, September 2nd.

I. Syllabus & Schedule

Please read the syllabus and schedule very carefully before the semester starts! Because we don’t have a first day of class in person where we can go over the course format and policies, this syllabus is very long. Maybe think of it as a course guidebook.

II. Website

The course website (which is hosted on Learn@UW) goes live at 8:00 am on September 2nd. You will need access to a computer to read, watch, and listen to the course content (apart from the textbook), and to engage in discussion forums, etc. We also make ample use of ‘drop boxes’ on the site so you can uploading written exercises on it.

III. Textbook

The course text this term will be:

We are using the 5th edition so please acquire a copy of it and not the 4th edition. Textbook options include fully online:


An ‘a la Carte’ edition for a binder:


and the standalone book (without MasteringGeography):


The University Bookstore by Memorial Library typically sources copies of the paperback version and the three-ring-binder (a la Carte) version of the 5th edition.  You can buy or rent either of these versions from the bookstore. Multiple reserve copies of the 5th edition are available in the College Library and the Geography Library on two-hour loan.

Please note that the assigned textbook is required reading and you will be spending a lot of time with it so please ensure that you are satisfied with the format you are considering.

Welcome to the class!

Kramer Gillin & Rachel Boothby


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